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5 Tips for Responsible Cannabis Use

January 18, 2024

Let’s talk about why responsible cannabis use is important. 

Finding the perfect dose, understanding its effects, and learning what your responsibilities are as a newbie cannabis user is akin to navigating a labyrinth.

Luckily, we’re here to help guide you from your first puff!

In this post, we’re diving deep into the heart of responsible cannabis consumption, unraveling the complexities, and presenting you with action steps to take.

Think of this guide as a roadmap to a more mindful, enjoyable cannabis journey.

Let’s get started.

Responsible Cannabis Use—Our Top 5 Tips

Learn how to use cannabis responsibly with these five simple tips and enjoy a safe journey from the very start!

Tip #1. Start Low and Go Slow.

Like sampling a glass of wine, responsible cannabis should start with a low dosage and then slowly increase as you discover your preferences.

In the cannabis industry, we call this “starting low, going slow.”

Cannabis dosage is a tricky business. Labeling, strain variation, and your body determine how it affects you.

To use cannabis responsibly, you should also consider factors such as onset, intensity, type of effect, time of day you consume it, and the quality of the product.

Timelines Vary—Onset Matters

The onset of cannabis refers to the length of time that it takes from consumption to the initial ‘feelings’ of cannabis consumption.

The ‘onset’ of cannabis varies widely, and it’s based on factors such as individual tolerance, metabolism, and consumption methods.

For example, smoking versus vaporizing versus edibles all have various onset times.

Predicting exactly when you’ll notice the effects is impossible, but there are some general guidelines you can keep in mind.

  •       Smoking—Most find that within one or two hits, there is a noticeable difference in how their body or mind feels. Expected Onset: 1-10 minutes.
  •       VapingLike smoking, the effects of vaping have a near-instantaneous effect on the body. Expected Onset: 1-10 minutes.
  •       TincturesThe duration of the effects of oil-based tinctures is felt for hours. You can take tinctures either orally or topically. Expected Onset: Topical use 30-60 minutes, up to two hours for sublingual use.
  •       EdiblesIn many cases, edibles can take up to two hours to create a noticeable effect on the body. For this reason, we strongly recommend starting with a small edible dose to see how your body reacts—expected Onset: 1-3 hours.

Please keep in mind some cannabis users experience what’s known as the “creeper effect,” where it takes their body up 5, 10, or even 20 minutes to notice any difference when smoking. As a first-time user, taking time, going slow, and tracking your experience to find your ‘ideal’ dosage is essential.

Mind-Body Connection 

Did you know that cannabis affects the mind and body differently?

Mental effects may come on quickly, but physical sensations could take longer. Awareness of both aspects of the experience helps you manage your consumption responsibly.

For example, if you’re searching for a reduction in anxiety symptoms, smoking cannabis could potentially alleviate them quickly.

On the other hand, if you’re hoping for a reduction in the level of pain you feel, you may have to wait longer for noticeable effects.

Time Of Day

Our body chemistry changes throughout the day, and so does our mood. Cannabis can have a dramatic impact on that process.

We recommend applying the start low, go slow motto to the time of day you consume cannabis.

Also, if you work during the day, avoid using cannabis. For some, cannabis can reduce productivity and may even make you sleepy. Never use cannabis while operating heavy machinery.

Until you know precisely how cannabis affects you, it’s best to consume it off the clock in a safe setting.

Strain Type 

Depending on the type of desired effect, strain matters!

Take a look at the effects you could experience with the three strains you’ll commonly find inside a weed dispensary.


This strain produces a cerebral high and the following effects in most users:

  •       Energizing
  •       Stimulating
  •       Uplifting
  •       Creativity
  •       Improves Focus
  •       Fights depression



This strain produces more of a body high and the following effects in most users:

  •       Couch-lock
  •       Chilling
  •       Increased Appetite
  •       Deep relaxation
  •       Sleep aid
  •       Pain + nausea relief
  •       Stress + anxiety relief

Indica-Hybrid/ Sativa-Hybrid 


  •       Mood enhancement
  •       Reduced stress and anxiety
  •       Improved sleep


  •       Increased energy
  •       Euphoria
  •       Pain management

A Note About Intoxication

Getting well does not require getting high. Keep in mind that THC is the only intoxicating or psychoactive component in cannabis. CBD and THCA, among other components, are non-intoxicating.

If you’re searching for the best potency and effect of whatever strain you select, only buy high-quality cannabis products. Research the cannabis dispensary you plan to buy from to guarantee the product is worth the price.

Action To Take:

Read labels and verify the strain type before purchasing. Remember, each strain has varying effects. Start low in dosage and go slow in consumption for responsible cannabis consumption.


Tip #2. Learn The Signs of Cannabis Misuse


We can’t talk about responsible cannabis use without talking about misuse.

While infrequent, cannabis misuse is a very real thing. Despite being less damaging than other substances like alcohol and synthetic drugs, it can still be an issue. Young people, more than anyone, are vulnerable to misuse.

As responsible cannabis consumers, it’s up to us to acknowledge the possibilities for misuse and take steps to avoid it.

It starts with identifying signs of misuse.

How to Identify Misuse

Ask yourself these questions to identify if you’re misusing cannabis.

Ø  What effect am I seeking this time?

Ø  How will that effect bring me value at this time?

Ø  Will I negatively impact others?

Cannabis should never be a coping mechanism for anxiety, stress, or other issues. Using cannabis for your wellness should never mean you’re trying to escape from reality. Remember, if it’s not misuse, it’s wellness!

Action To Take:

Take regular breaks from cannabis use, be aware of your limitations, and regularly ask yourself the questions above to make sure you’re not misusing cannabis.

Tip #3. Avoid Mixing Cannabis with Intoxicants

Don’t use other substances when you’re using cannabis, especially as a new consumer. Familiarize yourself with how cannabis affects your mind and body before you begin mixing other intoxicants.

Don’t mix marijuana and alcohol.

Using alcohol and cannabis simultaneously can increase the risks of adverse effects. Alcohol is proven to be a deadly intoxicant. It’s critical that you don’t mix alcohol and cannabis or strive to use extreme caution when driving, biking, or performing any safety-sensitive activities.   

Be careful if you take Medication

Again, use caution when mixing cannabis and prescription medications. Drug interactions are rare but do occur. Be sure to speak to your doctor about your cannabis use if you’re taking prescription medications.

Action To Take:

Avoid mixing cannabis with other substances and intoxicants, especially as you begin your journey into using cannabis.

Tip #4. Buy From A Licensed Weed Dispensary

Responsible cannabis consumption starts at the source. Legal cannabis in New Jersey is subject to industry-wide rules and standards, unlike black-market cannabis.

Black-market cannabis is frequently tainted with mold, fungi, and even harmful pesticide residues!

Another risk is that of synthetic cannabis. Non-cannabis plant material is treated with synthetic chemicals that mimic the effects of real cannabis. Typically sold in smoke shops under names like K2 and “Spice,” it can cause severe health problems, including vomiting, vision blackouts, kidney damage, and even psychosis.

Avoid these dangers by purchasing your cannabis from a legal weed dispensary.

Action to Take: 

Buy your cannabis from a reputable, legally owned and operated, licensed weed dispensary in New Jersey.

Tip #5. Don’t Drive Under The Influence

According to New Jersey’s state website, responsible cannabis consumers do not operate motor vehicles or other dangerous machinery while impaired by cannabis.

While most experts say that cannabis is safer than alcohol and prescription drugs for motorists, it is essential that you do not drive while impaired under any substance.

Be safe, be responsible, and never drive under the influence of cannabis.

Action To Take:

Consume cannabis in a safe environment, or make sure you have a designated driver when you’re under the influence.

Responsible Cannabis Use = A Better Cannabis Experience

The best way to enjoy cannabis is responsibly.

Keep these tips in mind to maximize every puff:

  •       Start Low, Go Slow!
  •       Learn The Signs of Cannabis Misuse
  •       Avoid Mixing Cannabis with Other Substances
  •       Buy From Legal Cannabis Dispensaries
  •       Don’t Drive Under The Influence

Want more insights? We’ve got you covered.

Keep up with our blog and follow us on social media for regular updates!

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