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Danielle’s Favorite Things

May 09, 2024

With Mother’s Day approaching, we sat down with Danielle Wildstein, owner of Blue Oak Dispensary and mom of 3, to learn about her favorite items in store.

Wana 20:1 gummies

This high CBD option is perfect during the day to calm my nerves when I have to be a mom and can’t be high. These gummies are single handedly keeping my children alive.

Escape Artist topicals

I like how these products target sore muscles, especially after a long day of running around after my kids but it doesn’t affect my mental state because these are topical and non-psychoactive.

1906 Chill tablets

I go for these tablets when I need something a little bit stronger for my angst than just CBD. I especially love taking these before yoga and meditating because they are fast acting.

Edie Parker disposable vapes

Besides being super cute and very tasty I love these vapes for their balanced effects. They have a different flavor for whatever time of day it is. Plus, they come in childproof packaging so I can keep it in my purse safely.

Ally lockbox

I couldn’t sleep at night having cannabis products in my house without this lockbox. The fact that it is super sleek and I can leave it on my bookshelf is a bonus.

Avexia tinctures

I love the control tinctures give me over my dosing, especially for micro use. I can drop a tiny bit in my coffee or under my tongue and the effects kick in faster than anything else without the added sugar of an edible

Miss Grass

I don’t always, but when I do smoke I love these pre-rolls for their smooth even burn and quality cannabis. Each is a little less than .5g making it the perfect size for me.


Hands-down these are some of the best tasting edibles I’ve ever had. Plus, they incorporate CBN and CBG into their products for an entourage effect I love. Tart cherry is my go-to for a good night sleep.


Check out all of Danielle’s Favorite Things on our online store: or by clicking each product link above. For more information about these products or any other items sold in Blue Oak Dispensary visit in store at 1025 Broad Street in Bloomfield, NJ or on the Education section.

Shop online, pick up in store or curbside

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