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Meet Danielle: Blue Oak Dispensary owner

January 10, 2024

Welcome to Blue Oak!

As you explore our online store and visit us in person, we are eager to learn about you.

To kick start our new relationship, we sat down with the owner of Blue Oak, Danielle Wildstein.

A Background Steeped in Health and Wellness, Driven by An Entrepreneurial Spirit 

Danielle started her career as a management consultant in the pharmaceutical industry. After traveling the country working in various pharmaceutical companies, she spent over 15 years running the lives of several high-profile and high net-worth individuals in the film and fashion industries. These experiences, paired with her master’s degree in human resources, set her up to be an entrepreneur. Her desire for a business of her own — that gave back to the community in an industry she was passionate about — spawned her journey into cannabis dispensary ownership.

Danielles Personal Cannabis Connection

Danielles connection to the health benefits of cannabis stems from firsthand experience.

Danielles mother was a victim of a car accident that resulted in a severe spinal injury. This led to years of crippling pain and depression. While also battling cancer and living with epilepsy, Danielle’s mom was never able to access legal medical cannabis to relieve her symptoms.

After her mother passed away, New Jersey legalized medical cannabis.

Watching her mother struggle and knowing she could have significantly benefited from medical cannabis, Danielle was motivated to become a part of the cannabis industry. Having seen its results, she believes in the plant’s power. Passing on that wellness to others drove her to open Blue Oak.


Entrepreneurism & Cannabis—Danielles Favorite Recipe

Danielle was on a hunt to build the perfect business model.

New Jersey had plans to vote on legalization of adult-use cannabis. The more she learned about dispensary operations and lack of female leaders, the more committed she became to obtaining her license and opening one of the first woman-owned facilities.

A fearless businesswoman, Danielle was confident in her ability to launch a unique cannabis experience.

With her love of a challenge, Danielle was excited by the prospect of breaking down traditional barriers. Her broad skill set honed by a diverse professional background serves her well in a fast-changing cannabis industry.

Danielle understands though that she cannot do it all on her own. Leveraging her resources to plan and execute, while building an expert team to identify opportunities, Danielle is improving the industry.

Building A Better Dispensary

As owner of Blue Oak, Danielle infuses her passion into the products she sources to elevate the consumer experience.

When customers walk through her dispensary doors, they find the finest curation of cannabis products, combined with an education to optimize its benefits for their specific journey. Blue Oak has amedical mindset” for adult-use cannabis products.

Danielle created Blue Oak to be an elevated dispensary, one that focuses on health and wellness, and that increases awareness and education about cannabis. By leveraging an informative website and collaborative visits to her dispensary, Danielle is building an empowered customer base. Blue Oak is unwavering in its commitment to timely information and exceptionally trained staff.

Ensuring customers can identify the best products for their needs is at the heart of Danielle’s mission.

Regardless of customers’ cannabis experience, whether they’re canna curious” (having never used), an experienced user, or somewhere between, Blue Oak is here to serve all.

By creating an open dialogue at the sales counter or in private consultation, Danielle hopes to make customers feel like they arent just buying any product. Rather, they’re making informed decisions about cannabis products best suited for their needs.

Passionate About Female Leadership

Danielle is one of the very few women granted a recreational cannabis license in New Jersey. She is honored to be among these forward-thinking females who are changing the cannabis industry.

Her mission is to build a loyal client base by educating them on the possibilities that cannabis offers. By increasing social responsibility of cannabis users, Danielle hopes to empower users to create their own cannabis journey while feeling safe and supported.

Danielle partners with other female entrepreneurs and experts in cannabis, continuing to encourage growth for women in the industry.

The Future of Blue Oak Dispensary 

Danielle is building Blue Oak the right way. By exceeding the latest industry standards, expanding cannabis education, and consulting with experts, Blue Oak will be recognized as a leading microdispensary.

Her passion for this mission inspires Danielle to learn, educate, and provide excellent service to everyone who walks through Blue Oak’s doors.

Recognizing an industry void in serving female customers, especially moms, Danielle bridges the gap with diverse products, targeted communication, and exceptional customer service in a comfortable, judgment-free space.

Connect With Danielle and Blue Oak Dispensary

If youd like to connect with Danielle or learn more about Blue Oak, browse Blue Oaks website, explore Blue Oaks social media presence, or visit 1025 Broad St, Bloomfield, NJ.

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